brampton deskBrampton Vascular Institute offers non-invasive diagnostic ultrasound examinations.This facility specializes in high quality vascular ultrasound diagnostic services, combined with professional consultations and treatment.

Our ultrasound technologists are highly experienced and motivated individuals with a genuine interest in providing accurate diagnostic ultrasound services for your patients. Our reporting physicians are highly trained and experienced vascular surgeons.

Brampton Vascular Institute is the only specialty vascular facility in Brampton area and one of the few in Canada. The clinic is professionally supported by active vascular surgeons to consult patients and report ultrasound studies.

As a patient, you have a choice of diagnostic facility. It’s perfectly acceptable to make an appointment or walk in our specialty ultrasound Institute with any referral form. The professional report will be sent to your doctor within 48 hours. We accept patients with emergency conditions (e.g DVT) on the same day and, based on test results, provide preliminary report to transfer the patient to the closest hospital.


At Brampton Vascular Institute we are proud to be the only Institute in the area that works in coordination with the vascular surgeons of the GTA Regional Vascular Program. With this partnership we are able to provide clinical consultations and assessment through our clinics in Brampton. Our surgeons are available to discuss ultrasound results, provide elective consults , and rapidly triage and assess more urgent patients from the family practice. Our staff strives for excellence in their assessment of patients, and create a courteous and relaxed environment for each individual case. Through our joint efforts, we can provide the most accurate and expedient results.

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